There comes times for everyone to re-examine habits/lack-thereof. 

The only way to, is to understand the benefits they bring, and then evaluate the ‘benefits’ themselves in relation to your personal life. 

Competition is distraction; as you are ultimately submitting to your own ego by trying to beat anothers’- comparison to one’s self to any other is subconsciously conforming to a set of illusory creeds, where the conclusion is the only obvious proposition- ‘I shall do x because y.’

Y, even if it’s something you yourself used to do, gives no necessary reason for what you ought to do; and if in correlation with what needs to be done for that moment, one ought to choose the action that brings forth the most joy, which requires the unattachment of emotion towards the act- the easiest option being something unfamiliar, and which there exists no previous conceptions to compare or compete with.

Life is suffering- but there is joy in death, which is change; and all things being subject to change, this is the only constant in which happiness lies. To look up upon Nuit, one sees Nothing; everything as matter with no constructed definitions to separate matter from matter. Where there is no difference, there is no-thing, and no need for the concept of change. Pure existence, infinite, and joyous.

Who opens the curtains and lets eternity in? The flame within that provides light to see with the Eye; the Eye sees the flame burning both in man and universe and cries an endless sea of mystery, mixture of joy and of suffering, having seen illusion and reality- the key to mystery is not to start over; it is the choice without the ‘should’ impulse; where you can only influence seekers to seek and must disregard those that have surpassed you.


Emotional (and physical) pruritus; another balance to be sought–pain is so often times intense and brief that one finds humor in the situation more quickly than a drawn-out instance of itch, or boredom. These sensations are one in the same, and also the opposite of one another; the only remedy for either is by quieting the mind and detaching significance from the body. Life is suffering; both painful and boring, and humans have long since admired tragedy and drama as counter-measures. What is ingeniusly ironic is that the act of enjoying a tragedy brings evokes suffering within one’s self; it reaffirms one’s own existence and allows the individual to acknowledge their own frailty.

Catharsis works the same way as medicines do; in small amounts, a poison is a poison. In large amounts of poison, the structure is apparent; the cure is within the poison to be extracted and synthesized from in order to produce a beneficial effect. The key to catharsis is in suffering itself, and the nature of suffering is that of existence.

To perceive Joy as merely occurring during times of good health, or favorable events is to misconstrue it. The individual is only busy, their mental capabilities occupied, distracted, and their brain releases chemicals that tell it that it’s happy. The nature of Joy is that it has the potential to be present all the time, and it only depends upon the individual to allow themselves to experience it. Happiness is being completely in the present moment, regardless of the situation, without emotional attachment.