Due to to the explicit nature of this post, I have no choice but to label this with a giant TRIGGER WARNING, state that I do NOT condone BREAKING THE LAW in any way, shape or form or bringing HARM TO ANY NON-CONSENTING PERSONS OR ANIMALS. Nor am I promoting ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE USE, RECKLESS or SELF-INJURIOUS BEHAVIOR.


NOTHING WRITTEN BELOW IS MEANT IN ANY WAY TO ACCUSE AND/OR SHAME INDIVIDUALS OR GROUPS as this is for reference and any similarity to persons living or dead, including the compiler of this list, the present reader, and Big Brother ARE PURELY COINCIDENTAL.

Read and/or use at your own risk, but please do not read if you just want to rage post about how triggering this was.
The paraphilias listed correspond to the ego qualities of each shell, not good nor bad in and of themselves. Ego wants stem from ego fears, and ego fears stem from ego wants. As I’ve referenced before in other posts, the shells need nourishment to protect the spheres, but when they are over nourished, they become fortresses characterized by ego fears. Most of the time we know what we need to do to reset this balance. But there is a belief rampant among mystics in Thelema that preach egolessness, causing confusion as to whether all nourishment of the ego is negative. When the ego is under or overnourished, the individual begins acquiring negative karma.

“Feeling at peace, however fragily, made it easy to slip into the visionary end of the dark-sight. The rose shadows said that they loved the sun, but that they also loved the dark, where their roots grew through the lightless mystery of the earth. The roses said, ‘You do not have to choose.”

Now that you have read this full disclaimer and intro here is the actual PDF: Trigger Warning

Sadism & Masochism

To those who have not yet embraced Beauty, sadism is a projection of one’s own hurt ego unto others, in hope that others shall empathise and give compassion for their own sufferings. Masochism in those who have also not yet embraced Beauty however, are projecting a guilty conscience and seek redemption for their egos. Both passions are motivated in the goal of balance between desire and intellect; but without the subjective and very personal experience of understanding the difference between Self and ego, Will and want, a “guilty conscience” or the “reasonably justified aggression,” …these self-reinforced constructs become the only way to seek Compassion.

This is true of both practices consensually or non consensually. The difference between the two being, those that practice consensual sado/masochism usually decide to do so in order to minimise the extraneous (societal) consequences of their actions, whereas those who do not, sometimes are not conscious of their behaviour patterns or have been able to avoid facing negative consequences and therefore lack a consistent reinforcement of the results of their actions.

Those who find partners who enjoy sado/masochism and/or the switching of these roles can at times find Beauty from the reflection of this other–and from that point forward, want becomes Will, and Love is its projection. Sadism and masochism become secondary; alternatives for connection and the acknowledgement of another.

Sadism in its highest form, is the desire to witness the progress of others by empathy of one’s own ego-death; the unbalanced use of Strength to propel others across the Abyss.

Masochism in its highest form, is the desire to witness the similarity between one’s own ‘sadistic tendencies’ and these tendencies in others. By misjudgement of Compassion, one seeks to encourage Self-development in others so that they may rise towards Strength.

‘Sadistic and masochistic’ acts under Will, are an efficient way to rid oneself of guilt and societal accretions, which all arise from ego, regardless of a collective ego or personal one. Of course, all acts under Will can have neither positive nor negative connotations, for they are acts done for the sake of the acts themselves. To Understand and not judge (for who can we be judging but ourselves?) the desires of others can ultimately be synonymous with doing what thou Wilt; when thou Does, there is no ‘I’ to judge it. The ego becomes the manner in how one Does his/her Will, but no longer persuades one towards ‘wants,’ so long as the Work is being done.