Hate Sex


I BRUISED your body with the whip
Its wheals stand out in ridgéd azure.
The savage blood upon your lip
Images hurt, and hurt’s erasure.

The pain transmuted into passion;
And passion.s ruin was not pain;
But my pain wears another fashion;
My dead men do not rise again.

You hurt me, and the silent skin
Whispers no word of bleeding bruises;
Your subtle hate, your cunning skin
Brands and corrodes me where it chooses

I fear not them that kill the body,
But rather them that hurt the soul:
My soul with your disdain is bloody;
Your stripes are none to make me whole.

Could you but see my vitals torn,
My nerves on rack, my tortured spirit.
Of all the ills to mortals born
This is the sorest to inherit.

If you could see the branded token
Of your invisible whip, the scars
Of your intangible knife, the unspoken
Agonies, silent as the stars!

Then you should count the agéd lines
That wrinkle up my boy’s blithe beauty:.
The Judge of all the Earth divines
My wrongs and yours, and does his duty.

For you in heaven shall bloom and burgeon,
And I in hell shall howl and groan.
Ah! God is an unskilful surgeon;
We both shall weep to be alone!

For we are one and may not part;
And though we hurt, we love, believe me!
Nor would I in my inmost heart
Of one of all your stabs bereave me.

No man can hurt the indifferent stranger,
No woman wound the casual friend.
There is a glory born of danger;
What anger gat, desire may end.

Give me the phrenzy of your lip!
My heart accepts your usurpature.
Your body leaps beneath the whip;
Our pain is in love’s very nature.

It is enough. The woe is over,
The woe begins; the vial brims,
And all the anguish of your lover
And you is hidden in wrestling limbs.

Drain the black cup of bruiséd blood!
Its bitter shall beget devotion,
And Bacchus sweep its frenzied flood
Into the Eleusinian ocean!

Elaboration upon the dualities of Love and Hate:

These two emotions are not actually opposites in the normal sense, since the opposite of both love and hate are indifference; both love and hate are on the extreme end of the emotional scale itself. Love is the acknowledgement and acceptance of both parts Beast/Babalon within another person. It is a constant balancing effort on both parts within the self, and with another, which if genuine, is the perfect balance of pleasure for the ego/Beast and non-ego/Babalon. Hence, Love under Will. Hate occurs when there is an imbalance; if regarding the Beast/Babalon within one’s self, this hate is directed inwards. When there is an imbalance regarding another person, this hate is directed at them. Most people will react in anger, perhaps even hate, towards the external trigger which does not do anything but show the internal imbalance there was, prior to the trigger. If there was no imbalance present, there would not have been any defensive reaction.

“Love” and “hate” both require some level of attachment to that which is the target of our emotions. The difference being that Love contains both the Will to Live/Dove/henosis/(development of Babalon and self-sacrifice of the Beast in order to accept another’s Beast) and the Will to Die/Serpent/apotheosis/(development of Beast and suppression of Babalon in order to be consumed by another’s Babalon).

Hate directed at a person drives us to get away from them as far as possible, because the nature of the Beast is fueled by ego. It is undesirable for a sensitive/developed ego to be poked at; more specifically, the individual’s ego is recognizing itself in another, and attempting to compete. If given a worthy enough challenge, the ego will either be required to submit (die) or recognize the futility of its efforts and also die. There is nothing more provoking nor fearful for the ego than the death of itself. Therefore, external hate usually occurs if one person’s Will to Die comes into conflict with another’s Will to Die. Beast vs Beast. A forced reflection upon the ego where the only escape is death either way–the progression into the Right Hand Path for balance.

Hate which occurs internally is due to a misalignment in Will and Action; this is usually due to external oppression of the individual’s Beast, which leads the ego to attack itself. It is not a true development of one’s Babalon, and the individual will most likely require a lot of Left Hand Path workings before finding his/her way to achieve balance.

The nature of sex is always an interplay of the permutations between Beast and Babalon, and results in death. From these two dynamics also comes an odd mixture of pleasure: the Babalon in one person gets along with the Babalon with another; the nature of Babalon/Nuit is passive, accepting, and all-encompassing. If two people are Babalon-dominant, there is no need for sex. Metaphorically speaking, they are neither alive nor dead and therefore have no inclination to die. This is why it is important to emphasize that Babalon =/= women and Beast =/= men. When two women have sex, they either take turns unleashing their Beast, or one woman has a inclination towards Beast, and the other towards Babalon. However, when two separate (worthy and equal) Beasts meet and are unable to escape, they will fight and suffer–but also seek to die together; in other words, they have hate-sex. There comes a time when both see the futility of their actions and decide that the only way to achieve joy together is to surrender together.

The frustration that arises with any energy-expending battle can easily be transformed into sexual tension. The attraction is not always due to physical appearance, since the attraction itself is from the fact that both Beasts have been forced to surrender, causing them to seek each other for pleasure.

Usually, hate-sex happens when one Beast is able to recognize the power of the other, or in momentary stalemates instead of the end of the battle. The acknowledgement of one Beast from another is what is labeled “sexy;” it is the awareness that the other person has within them, the potential to kill the individual’s ego. Nowadays, society has brainwashed people into accepting an image/form of what’s sexy, causing a reinforcement loop within their minds so concrete that when one asks someone what they believe to be sexy, they can only explain through prescribed imagery. Prescribed imagery, if never questioned, will never allow the individual to see beyond their social accretions.

The Nature of Restriction

All existence is sin.

Chubby buddha Bo-Tei, is the physical manifestation of the tenet, “existence/life/being is suffering;” he is obese, “restricted” by his own physical form, under his own Will. 

But look how his existence/being is Joyous and smiling! “Rub his tummy for happiness,” they say. I say, touch upon thine own existence, feel its nature as Restriction; there is Joy to be Had in this!

The Key to Joy is in Sorrow itself; the mass accumulation of existential anxiety at the doorway to the Abyss, and then the grief, the relief, and the return of existential anxiety coupled with a fragmented sense of self–Who is even feeling this anxiety? The answer, No-One.
And how does one defeat the Mighty Lord Choronzon in a place where he reigns? The Thelemite maketh Love to him, because that is what Thelemites do. Love is the LAW; the Law from which shine Light, Life, Love and Liberty.

“Now Love is the enkindling in ecstasy of Two that will to become One. It is thus a Universal formula of High Magick. For see now how all things, being in sorrow caused by dividuality, must of necessity will Oneness as their medicine…. Let him also practice the art of the Analysis of Ideas, and that of refusing to allow the mind its natural reaction to them, pleasant or unpleasant, thus fixing himself in Simplicity and Indifference. These things being achieved in their ripe season, be it known to you that all ideas will have become equal to your apprehension, since each is simple and each indifferent; any one of them remaining in the mind at Will without stirring or striving, or tending to pass on to any other. But each idea will possess one special quality common to all: this, that no one of any of them is The Self, inasmuch as it is perceived by The Self as Something Opposite….”

The adept that accepts his own defeat, defeats Choronzon by giving himself to him; by Loving him. He achieves the Gate of Babalon–(Babalon is on just the other side, beckoning). Does not Choronzon seek to unite by subjugating True Will into his own Being? Is this not Love, also? If the adept pours his blood into Her graal, he becomes impregnated in Her. The sacrament of suffering. He becomes She. And in Her womb, is him. And it is an ecstasy in which there is no trace of pain.


The Brothers of A.’.A.’. are one with the Mother of the Child.
The Many is as adorable to the One as the One is to the Many.
This is the Love of These; creation-parturition is the Bliss of the
One; coition-dissolution is the Bliss of the Many.
The All, thus interwoven of These, is Bliss.
Naught is Bliss.
The Man delights in uniting with the Woman; the Woman in parting with the Child.
The Brothers of A.’.A.’. are Women; the Aspirants to A.’.A.’. are Men.

The Nature of Restriction:
Existence in itself is a Restriction (which we suffer by nature of consciousness as it arises);
Our actions below the Abyss are littered with Restrictions (first there are ego-wants, then there is the structure of Thelema itself, and lastly our HGA, if we are lucky);
We strip ourselves of ego-wants, we make good use of the Restriction called Thelema, and in the Abyss, Choronzon devours our HGA, along with whatever ego-wants we tried to hoard. — Choronzon cannot devour the Restriction called Thelema without also devouring himself. The Restriction called Thelema created him, but he does not dwell there; he IS a Restriction. He is capable of doing so, but only in the most dire cases; if Choronzon were to do so, we would end up begrudging Thelema and be lost in Daath, for it would seem better than to face Choronzon again; little would we know that we will never have to face Choronzon again, because he now IS us.

For the rest, we have Understood that the Restriction of Thelema is useful and beneficial, and continue with it. We grow up as our HGA within the womb of Babalon, as Babes.

Our ego grows back within us, and we Master it with all the lessons from the Spheres.

The nature of our Restriction called Existence is no longer perceived as a Restriction; we have aligned our Existence with Existence itself (Universal Will). The Infinite does not move; the illusion of our individual existences moving all in different directions only appear to do so because the nature of our consciousnesses have separated themselves from that which it has not yet recognized; itself in the ALL.

 This is why all Existence is Joy– these guided Restrictions lead one to the Wisdom of That, which is This; (just like the key to a cure is within the poison; the key to catharsis is within the suffering); and the key to Thelema itself is Nothingness/Ayin/131/Experiential knowledge–the Wisdom of That is the key to the Wisdom of This.

“Each star must calculate its own orbit. All is Will, and yet all is Necessity. To swerve is ultimately impossible; to seek to swerve is to suffer.”

Our actions above the Abyss are therefore [all Restrictions, including our existence] under Will (Joy!).