Below are personal summaries, descriptions and notes of the books required for reading in the A.’.A.’. Student list, available online. Although these seem like “cheat sheets,” they are not in any way the equivalent of reading the books on your own and interpreting them for yourself. If you decide to use any of these, do so at your own discretion.

This page appears counter-intuitive to having Students do the work themselves, but in my experience, shedding some light on the work inspires those who have a vested interest (but may be lacking in motivation) to step up their game.

I have not gone into great detail for the EQUINOX Vol. I, Nos. 1-10, plus Vol. III, No. 9, but I have listed short descriptions of the Gems From the Equinox and the Holy Books of Thelema. These books require much more individual work than the rest of the reading list and I don’t want to interfere too much with possible interpretations. These are also the types of books you need to read over and over again for different insights.

The two summaries which are missing entirely here are The Tao Teh King and the Writings of Kwang Tzu (Sacred Books of the East, Vols. XXXIX, XL), and of 777. Just because.


Gems & Holy Books


Konx Om Pax


Raja & Hatha Yoga


Spiritual Guide & Abramelin


Time, Eleusis, Tannhauser, Sword of Song


Transcendental Magic &  Goetia