Attachment to Existence

We grow an attachment to our own sense of life, with it, our sense of self; the ego must exist for survival, but the metaphysics of the ego are only constructive for our sanity.

What is existence? Something that must relate cohesively to something else. Do ‘I’ exist? The I is the ego and it serves it’s functions, so yes – There can be no separation, i.e. to ask whether the ‘I’ exists without me, it cannot because it is a constant and crucial part to the concept of ‘me’ anyway. Words are defined with more words; hence a language exists but the words are the constructs and exist insofar as they contribute to language.

I went everywhere and nowhere and all along I just remained.

Truth and What It Isn’t

There is essentially no “righteous job” to correct those who don’t seek correcting. There is no “duty towards truth,” for truth is never what we can conceive of. That is just unnecessary validation for the ego by the ego.

The ego is purified through the mirror image of the other; the other is any other ego which it sees itself in. 

Therefore, validation from the other can purify the ego the same way as it can trap it. Friendly reaction is a good sign so long as no attachment is made to the ego receiving praise – instead, it should be perceived as an acknowledgement that one is on the right path, and a reminder to tread carefully with each “gift” received.


There comes times for everyone to re-examine habits/lack-thereof. 

The only way to, is to understand the benefits they bring, and then evaluate the ‘benefits’ themselves in relation to your personal life. 

Competition is distraction; as you are ultimately submitting to your own ego by trying to beat anothers’- comparison to one’s self to any other is subconsciously conforming to a set of illusory creeds, where the conclusion is the only obvious proposition- ‘I shall do x because y.’

Y, even if it’s something you yourself used to do, gives no necessary reason for what you ought to do; and if in correlation with what needs to be done for that moment, one ought to choose the action that brings forth the most joy, which requires the unattachment of emotion towards the act- the easiest option being something unfamiliar, and which there exists no previous conceptions to compare or compete with.

Life is suffering- but there is joy in death, which is change; and all things being subject to change, this is the only constant in which happiness lies. To look up upon Nuit, one sees Nothing; everything as matter with no constructed definitions to separate matter from matter. Where there is no difference, there is no-thing, and no need for the concept of change. Pure existence, infinite, and joyous.

Who opens the curtains and lets eternity in? The flame within that provides light to see with the Eye; the Eye sees the flame burning both in man and universe and cries an endless sea of mystery, mixture of joy and of suffering, having seen illusion and reality- the key to mystery is not to start over; it is the choice without the ‘should’ impulse; where you can only influence seekers to seek and must disregard those that have surpassed you.

Value & Sacrifice

That which we value; we value by automatic separation of these things from self. From this arises the possibilities of loss and suffering, clothed in and suffocated by the use of defense mechanisms which create further separations. The animal that becomes our meal does not preserve our being with its expense; both the animal and man are transformed under Will. Similarly, the refusal of consuming the animal preserves nothing–stagnation is not only death, but atrophy of Will.

Upon the intentional offering of one’s own self (life-force) to a portion of the higher self or deity, there occurs the relinquishing of self to the macrocosm; the release of values themselves and a shift in perspectives.

The idea of sacrifice can only follow appropriately after the assimilation of the idea of it being separate from one’s self; hence, it becomes a gift to the higher self by reinforcement of Love.

47. But they have the half: unite by thine art so that all disappear.