Sean Alexander’s Review

A great review of the Brazen Serpent by Sean Alexander.

The Brazen Serpent

A Book Review of the Brazen Serpent

by Sean AlexanderBrazen-2

I am really cynical about anything to do with Qabala, especially the new era variations. So I knew that I would really have my work cut out for me when I received my copy of Helen Kirkby’s The Brazen Serpent. I know Kirkby’s work fairly well– she is one of the most innovative modern occultists out there. I also know that the world doesn’t need “more” Qabala books — it needs GOOD ones.

Is it a good one? YES!

I liked this book a lot because it takes an intuitive approach and lays out concrete theory without pretense. I found none of it to have the shortcomings of other well-regarded books. Namely, it didn’t obfuscate claims underneath a layer of self-reported gnosis or a ton of glass-bead game word-play (I can think of several “big names” in the occult as…

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