Lux ex Tenebris

Comfort is not a substitute for faith. 

By “faith,” I mean knowledge of True Will; there is a tendency of the mind to separate “events which happen to us” with “events that we cause.” Without this disposition, we are unable to make sense of the world, but as we remember the nature of our true selves, we become aware of the appearance of separation itself. We are Will, and we do Will, and – “Every act that is not in definite course of that one orbit is erratic, an hindrance. Will must not be two, but one.” 

Trust is letting understanding show which colours to perceive, even with impure eyes. Even colours have natural complements of one another, and what is natural is merely consistent enough to rely on from experience. It is the acknowledgement of both the consistency and possibility of inconsistency in one’s own experience – and faith, being complete trust – is knowing this and being at peace with it. 

It is the ordeals of our own darkness which allow us to see a truth that what we once thought was faith or True Will, was merely comfort; fickle and expensive. Once the light is sought and seen, it does not leave us. We just have to remember it. Suffering becomes a reminder that we are only concealing it against ourselves, and that if we let it shine, it will.

2 thoughts on “Lux ex Tenebris

  1. Annie, I agree its not something most people would ever do to themselves.
    But this is what high magick is. This is the point of high magick. Self transformation. It’s not easy and it should not be taken lightly.

    Also, accidental change is nice but carefully planned, calculated and designed transformation based on observation of personal obstacles, issues and nuerosis is more effective than random, accidental transformation.

    This is the stock and trade of Western Ceremonial Magick.

    Annihilation of the ego is not a fun or amusing affair. If you are enjoying magick too much, you are indulging ego and learning nothing.

    There is an old saying: If it doesn’t hurt, you are not doing it right.


  2. I was talking to someone about this yesterday. The most effect self-transformation that I’ve undergone spiritually was done to me – not done by me – not because I decided to go to a certain workshop, or buy a certain crystal or go gluten-free. This is not to decry those techniques, but they can only ever be accessories to real transformation – which is like being hit round the head with a cricket bat, thus it’s nothing that you would ever do to yourself. It’s more about destiny, in my experience. Sometimes, they just have to knock the hard edges off you, to get you in alignment with that.

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