Pentagrams of Spirit

The structure of the pentagram attributes two corresponding elements to make up the element in any given point. The point of Spirit is held upright by Earth and Fire, Air is the result of Fire and Water, Water is the combination of Air and Earth, and Earth is formed by Spirit and Water. Not only are these triangles a representation of the element’s components, they also outline the process in which it manifests, is maintained, and what its properties are in each World, which affect different parts of the Soul. The elements transition down each World shifting its attributions from abstract ideas to the concrete and tangible; for this reason, they are shift in our concepts of the four directions and four sub-directions in rituals.

The Greater Hexagram Ritual is associated with planetary and zodiacal forces, the Lesser with zodiacal and elemental forces. The Greater Pentagram Ritual is the incorporation of Spirit with elemental forces, and its Lesser with only the elemental forces. The elements, even in their densest state, relate to the planets in their highest essence.

No element represented by the pentagram is without Spirit. The active form of Spirit relates to Air and Fire, while the passive form of Spirit relates to Water and Earth. The combination (marriage) of Fire/Tejas and Water/Apas give birth to Energy/Prana, and Space/Akasha is the dissipation of Earth/Prithivi in unity with Air/Vayu. This ‘child’ and ‘mother’ is symbolized in the Star Ruby Ritual as Therion who is bellowed in the East, and Babalon who is whispered in the West. In my opinion, this ritual is aimed at balancing these elemental forces within the Neshamah in Yetzirah, whereas the LBRP is used for the Ruach in Yetzirah or Assiah. Any ritual can be used in any World, but it is perhaps most efficient in the World that it was constructed for; similarly, it’s best if the part of the Soul is aligned with whichever World one is working in (and from). The beauty of a well written ritual is that it can work in all Worlds for all parts of the Soul. Keeping in mind that there may be deeper associations to the Star Ruby (especially in alignment with the Star Sapphire) there is a very simple synchronicity between the two rituals (the Star Ruby and LBRP) in their elemental directions for the Ruach; East which has the Kerub of Man, Air, Therion (beast); North containing the Bull, Earth, Nuit (puella/daughter); West containing the Eagle/Serpent, Water, Babalon (mulier/mother); and South containing the Lion, Fire, Hadit (puer/son).

However, further elaborating on the elemental (sub)directions of the Star Ruby; so far we have Fire (hot & dry) in the N.E., Water (wet & cold) in the S.E., Air (wet & hot) in the S.W., and Earth (cold & dry) in the N.W. These attributions are consistent with those of the Star Sapphire, its complimentary hexagram ritual. Fire/Yod/The Father in the N.E., Water/Heh/The Mother in the S.E., Air/Vav/The Son in the S.W., and Earth/Heh/The Daughter in the N.W. Therion is in the East, (the child of the elements of the N.E + S.E.) furthermore representing the qualities of ‘coldness’ – the drawing of energy inside – Babalon in the West, representing the qualities of ‘hotness’ – the drawing of energy out- Hadit in the South, representing ‘wetness’ – energy condensed and trapped within – and Nuit in the North, representing ‘dryness’ – energy released and dispersed without. These ‘quality-nesses’ of the elements have little to do with their usual associations to the elements themselves. They are rather, a reflection of what happens to a living being subjected to these qualities. Neither are the qualities of the elements synonymous with the elements themselves.

The three mother letters of the Hebrew alphabet function as qualities/properties of all elements, and also of all their abstract and higher meanings. The Vedic Tattvas do this also by  incorporating the planets into their five elements; Prithivi-Mercury, Vayu-Saturn, Apas-Venus, Tejas-Mars, and Akasha-Jupiter.


The Caduceus

The invokation of active Spirit begins from Fire to Air; Shin to Aleph. Shin, being the Divine Flame and root of all Will, is transmitted through Aleph, or Air, which serves as the motion and current by which all processes can occur. The achemical process that occurs here ties the subtle form of Earth and Water (oil) in the Fire which burns to create aethyrial smoke; air which is saturated with purpose, distinct qualities (fragrance), and the source of divinatory inspirations – allusions to its nature and of the nature of the universe from which it operates. The invokation of passive Spirit begins from Tav to Mem; the Dissolving of the gross by submersion in fluid so that the elements are well-prepared for Separation. From Mem, up to (or to the left towards, in the pentagram) Aleph – after purification Coagulates back and invokes the Divine Flame of Spirit.

The banishing of active Spirit starts from Air to Fire, the reversal of the first process outlined above. The invokatory transmission of Shin from Aleph is contained back within Shin, therefore preventing further division/multiplication. Banishing passive Spirit begins from Mem to Tav; in other words, the manifestation of Spirit within the tangible and concrete. It is important not to view banishing elements, especially of Spirit as a negative practice. In all things there must be balance, and nothing is ever lost, just transmuted into a different form. Hence, the banishing of Spirit is the invokation of all four tangible elements, and the manifestation of the universe as we can perceive it. The invokation of Spirit, similarly, is the banishing of all four gross elements in order to receive and reconnect with one’s source of Divinity. Banishing all elements, including the active and passive forms of Spirit, is the most holy and equilibrating act that one can do to purify the Temple.

The Sigillum Dei Aemeth is a well-known Enochian diagram used for planetary magick, but also has a direct relation to the Elemental Watchtowers –
“Also the word Aemeth is compounded of the 1st letter of the Alphabet and the last letter, and of a middle one, as though we affirm that Truth is to be found by the reconciliation of the extremes through the knowledge of the means. Forget not that Aleph is the Spiritual and Etherial, and Tav is the Universe, and Mem is the Sacrificial Man, placed between them so as to affirm the Reconciliation of the Natural to the Spiritual through self-sacrifice. And lastly, that when Shin is added, there is an affirmation of the judgment set and the Book of Life opened which is in YHVH and that they Keys answering unto these four letters are:

Aleph – the Spirit of the Aether
Mem – the Spirit of the Mighty Waters
Tav – the Great One of the Night of Time
Shin – Spirit of the Primal Fire”

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