Value & Sacrifice

That which we value; we value by automatic separation of these things from self. From this arises the possibilities of loss and suffering, clothed in and suffocated by the use of defense mechanisms which create further separations. The animal that becomes our meal does not preserve our being with its expense; both the animal and man are transformed under Will. Similarly, the refusal of consuming the animal preserves nothing–stagnation is not only death, but atrophy of Will.

Upon the intentional offering of one’s own self (life-force) to a portion of the higher self or deity, there occurs the relinquishing of self to the macrocosm; the release of values themselves and a shift in perspectives.

The idea of sacrifice can only follow appropriately after the assimilation of the idea of it being separate from one’s self; hence, it becomes a gift to the higher self by reinforcement of Love.

47. But they have the half: unite by thine art so that all disappear.