As children, we follow authority in order to avoid taking responsibility for our own actions. Responsibility is essentially the acknowledgement of the frailty of the ego and understanding its limitations; the reality of what things are or occur. What we conceive of things as the reflection of ourselves- the mirror exists, but the images don’t. They are eternally constructed by nature of the ego, and therefore will always be self-evident to the ego; infinite loops of self-reinforcement.

As teenagers learn more about the world through the lens of the self/ego, they begin to build different constructs; choosing authority according to these subconscious conceptions. They take responsibility for what they choose to- what they think is aligned with these conceptions.
Adults, not all too different from teenagers, have more specific societal pressures to weigh into their sense of self/ego, ultimately creating inner conflicts between past, ‘more free’ conceptions and the conceptions they’ve now ‘grown into.’

Failure to shift entirely into a paradigm results in an inaccurate understanding of both parts; past and future. There must be a complete dissolution before synthesis; otherwise how would you separate the essential parts from each whole?

Dirty compounds. Blaming the constructs is denial of responsibility. Furthermore, the misdirection of blame from ego to reflection is self-reinforcing, but creates an unseen need to deny the connection between ego and world; the death of the option of magick itself. Both its use and its existence.