Musings on Enochian Magick

That: Thou hath now been chosen to come forth to command and understand the orders and true natures of every aspect of thine Universe; ME.

Thou art That: I, accepting the Macrocosm within my heart, also understand the microcosm that I AM. As below, I have been chosen; As above, I now seek to command all aspects of Myself. A Calling to undertake Enochian magick is simultaneously a Calling of the Aethyrs themselves.

“Know(Gnosis–Sophia–Binah/Chokmah) Thyself” meaning “Be Gnosis-Sophia-Binah/Chokmah.”

Know the nature of thy sea; of every drop which it containeth–from its molecular structure, to its sentimental appearance/qualia of attributes according to one’s own Restriction called Life. These are to be the Angels, and their rankings therein.

Know the nature of thy waves (but more importantly; feel them. Like one wave feeling the power of all others that crash into him). And because of the nature of Motion, and that of Chaos, they can never be fully predicted–they do not need to be. All Motion is Will. 

Record what thou can, and appreciate what thou canst; there is no fear–“Because of me in Thee which thou knewest not. for why? Because thou wast the knower, and me.” This is to be the nature of thy Magick; to command thine Angels and move the heavens and the earth as the Will of God.

“The noumenon remains, the phenomenon changes.”