FREEDOM: a state of being capable of making decisions without external control.

LIBERTY: freedom which is granted to a people by external control.
The way I see it, it is not enough to say that all are free. Those that aware of the Law are aware of their Liberty. It is the Law which allows the individual to break free the chains of ignorance restricting his freedom by way of Love, Life, and Light – which in turn nourishes his Liberty.

Freedom being a state of being capable of making decisions without external control (real or perceived), it is safe to say not everyone is free, either due to physical/social issues or simply due to the fact that most people don’t realize there is no such thing as fairness or “external control.”

It is the Liberty from the Law which allows us to be truly Free. After all, the only thing keeping someone from “freedom” is themselves. The Law of Thelema liberates the Self FROM oneself.

Existentialism and Nihilism must be assimilated into Absurdism. Instead of celebrating Sisyphus’ “freedom” I celebrate the Joy from his cycle of futility AND meaning.

“To those of you who will begin, as I did, at an early age to be interested in creative effort, I have a word or two to say: Follow no one. Only you can lead yourself. Be open-minded and ready to reject every extraneous influence. Use your own. Talk is cheap; let others talk. Pay no attention to them or to me. Shun them and me with your self-discipline. Value your freedom from the shackles of the strait jacket. A rose is a rose regardless of its position on the bush. Approach your line of activity as an individual. Be independent. There is but one law to obey, the law of freedom: and obedience to that law is liberty.” (Samuel Aiwaz Jacobs)