Dona Virginis


[ Waxing Cresent ] The first day, a camel;
The second day, a kiss;
The third daty, a star-glass;
The fourth day, a beetle’s wing;
The fifth day, a crab;
[ 1st Quarter-Moon ] The sixth day, a bow;
The seventh day, a quiver;
The eighth day, a stag;
The ninth day, an horn;
The tenth day, a sandal of silver;
The eleventh day, a silver box of white sandal wood;
The twelfth day, a whisper;
[ Full ] The thirteenth day, a black cat;
[ Full ] The fourteenth day, a phial of white gold;
[ Full] The fifteenth day, an egg-shell cut in two;
The sixteenth day, a glance;
The seventeenth day, an honeycomb;
The eighteenth day, a dream;
The nineteenth day, a nightmare;
The twentieth day, a wolf, black-muzzled;
[ 2nd Quarter-Moon/Period Begins ] The twenty-first day, a sorrow;
The twenty-second day, a bundle of herbs;
The twenty-third day, a piece of camphor;
The twenty-fourth day, a moonstone;
The twenty-fifth day, a sigh;
[ Waning Cresent ] The twenty-sixth day, a refusal;
[ New Moon/End of Period ]The twenty-seventh day, a consent ; and the last night she gave him all herself, so that the moon was eclipsed and earth was utterly darkened.

“In the Mystery of the Serpent and the Lion, the mixing of the Vaginal fluid and the Semen is the moment of communion and the Eucharist is created. Each night of the Moon offers a different Kala which will flavor the magick. 14 for the Waxing, 14 for the Waning. Orb of the Full Moon (3 nights) for Creation, Orb of the New Moon for Destruction. One for the Talisman, the other for the Amulet. The wise know the difference.”