Compassion for Self and Others

The ego shards, and the shells of the qliphoth, too must be nourished properly in order to protect the spheres. The process of alchemy is never a straight path; one must return again and again to refine the salt, and the same must be done with the shells. It is ALWAYS balance. To seek compassion for one’s ego is not negative, in and of itself. Like all things, context is what defines the proper means and ends.

Not everyone needs the same treatment, and the idea of treating everyone equally does not mean treat everyone the same. Some people need more love, and some appreciate harder challenges. 
Acting under Will requires that we think and make careful judgments about how we treat others. The shells need LVX just as the spheres do. The only evil comes from imbalance. Pathworking requires both the stripping of aspects of the ego and proper nourishment to purify the ego.