“Comparison is toxic; competition is healthy.”

Comparison, being the competition of the image of self (ego, as a conception to oneself is only able to be perceived through the perceived ego of another) with another image of self (other) through the former image’s perception; Competition being the comparison of the work done from the ego and another (other), ultimately inseparable from the ego(s), but more detached and objective – therefore results in a smaller chance of hurt to one’s ego.

If an individual’s image of self is constructed from the perspective of more than one ego (insert any arbitrary group-mind construct), any perceived injustices done against this group affects the image of self. Although this is a good step towards constructing one’s own ego from the perspective of the universe/singularity (in other words uniting subject with object); one cannot stagnate in any gradient of this scale. Oftentimes an individual whom has done a fairly good job of uniting their subject with object, forgets how to perceive themselves through group-constructs and so on.. concluding that they are the most unique snowflake in the world, belonging everywhere and therefore belonging nowhere.

This is rather tedious to type up as the nature of the ego has been covered time and time again in journal posts and essays, ironically, further supporting the necessity of switching one’s perspective by its cardinal/quintessental reference (the other).

Unfortunately, the more often positive feedback is perceived to characterize any given group-construct, the easier it is for the ego to keep using this construct to define itself, supporting the illusion of the ego and using the group-construct to reinforce it.

Group-constructs, and social constructs in general, all have their basis in the most fundamental appearances of nature. Hence the ego’s quick denial of the inexistence of itself – it identifies with a construct and because of the internal logic supporting the existence of this construct in nature, assumes that its existence is self-evident due to its selfness perceiving the evident connection between itself and nature.