A Breath of Fresh Air

Meditation in full-lotus position, facing East. Simple 4-count diaphragmatic breath control inhalation (life) and 4-count breath exhalation (death), after giving fellatio and consuming the sacred seed.

Fellatio in itself is as much of a meditation as holding one’s form in a particular asana, with an additional layer of Motion/awareness necessary to respond naturally to the incoming flow of pleasure from the recipient. There is no active thought, only uninhibited response to the other person’s body. The mind must relax, for otherwise it causes the body to panic, to tire, to be irritable, and suffer through lust of result.

After his orgasm, I let my mind slip deeper into a state of my subconscious, the previous Motion/awareness continuing but now having been swallowed, it continued within me. My Motion was dependent on his; his dependent upon mine; and his seed was the combined physical manifestation of both him and I, that now found refuge in me where it had came from him. All Union is an act of both life and death; the Motion combined has only found a new Form. The meditation allowed me to experience this Motion while sitting Still, synchronizing my inhalations and exhalations with the rhythm of him in me; me in him; us in Union; us in Nothing.