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  1. We are receptive to the Divine inasmuch as our minds and feelings (with a Swedenborgian twist) are prepared to do so. Then process of refinement begins with conscious discovery of the metaphysics (or pan-en-theos, Divinity in Everything) and a willed decision to open oneself to cosmic expression in its rectifications

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    1. If you scroll down you will see a bunch of categories. Each category has more blog posts from Alephnull429. They are all tagged and were uploaded around the same time.


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  2. Your articles on Selflessness and the Drive of the Self and Sadism and Masochism are as elegant as they are seemingly written just for me and for readers of my first novel, and that does not even begin to touch on what a delight the rest of your work seems to be. I’m so flattered you followed me–and I was alerted to it by my phone at exactly 10:44, no less, that most sacred of times! What a wealth of articulate information you have here. My most thorough compliments.

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      1. IFA

        Thank you kindly for sharing your research and personal discoveries with the community. Your background, skills and interests are very impressive and I feel I can relate well with everything you have to say. I look forward to reading more of your work this week as I settle down into my own writing. 🙂

        L.V.X. et N.O.X.
        616 (MLAK ChNUAL )
        Frater Felicissimus.

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